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Every rockstar has a brilliant agent who works behind the scenes to secure gigs and set the stage for triumph. We don’t want to be your recruiter; we intend to be your agent and will do everything we can to help you succeed in your career.

We’re not in the business of placing someone with a corporation and then leaving, never to be heard from again. We intend to establish a strong partnership with you. We’re professionals in the rubber and plastics recruiting firms , not generalists, so you can trust that we know what we’re discussing. You put your money in the hands of a financial advisor, and we want you to put your career search in the hands of Rubber & Plastics Talent.



We are popular among candidates. Customers have faith in us.

Our clients work with us due to our thorough candidate screening process. Our method advantages the applicant and the client by ensuring we match you with the relevant possibilities.




We are committed to creating vibrant communities that provide our members with real value for free.

Talent Agents

We exist to assist you on your path to a distinguished career in the rubber sector, including commercial sales employment and other opportunities. We want to be your long and successful career partner with recruiting companies for the plastics industry.

Vetting Process

We’ve developed a strict three-step verification process that regularly matches high-quality applicants to our client’s needs, so we only spend your time on projects that are a good fit for you!



  • You go over the Job Description.

  • You fill out a candidate questionnaire.

  • You and a Rubber & Plastics Talent team member plan a call to review your experience and qualifications.

  • The inner Rubber & Plastics industry recruiter‘s talent team assesses your entire applicant package and gives a recommendation to our client for submission.

  • If our team suggests you, we will forward your information to our customer for consideration.



Schedule a consultation, and we’ll discuss finding you the ideal individual for your rubber and plastics recruiting firms. Our industry experts are standing by to assist you.

At Rubber & Plastics Talent, we are passionate about connecting employees and employers to create thriving workplaces Our platform serves as a gateway for both employees and employer.


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